Jorge Vazquez Piñon

Obras Varias

Ambiguous Opactiy

Obras Varias

Ambiguous Opactiy

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Jorge Vázquez Piñon

5.06" x 0.5" x 7.81"

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Septiembre 21, 2021




The history of the city is a pain nailed onto the conscience of time of the Mexican. This awareness of pain is fundamental to the spiritual structure of the city and nation. The pain is the stamp of three centuries of colonial subjection and the effect of the extermination of the culture which inhabited the ancient lake.

The tears of suffering during every epoch of the city and daily life have signified this awareness of pain… the pain is the mark of the Mexican oppressed by the burden of history and lives deeply felt. It is a way of existing in time… and will be the way of life for the man of the future.

The relationship of time of an inhabitant with the city appears in the unit of pain determined by existence, no economic crisis, no political transformation, no earthquake or flood has broken this relationship or succeeded in modifying it in fact quite the opposite –they actually confirm the relationship and it does not disappear… because the concept goes far beyond the passing and death of generations and endures in the thoughts that remain floating in the cultural atmosphere of the world and the life of the city, in the frenzy of civilization and agitation of the historical life of the humanity.

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